So many people complemented the red top and I decided to knit another. Red is made more than a year ago (I suspect even more than 2 years ago, but I’m not sure) and I wanted to be sure I still remember how it goes.
And guess what… Blue looks even better! Now I have a mannequin for trying things on while knitting and it sure helps a lot. It’s much much easier to understand how long the top should be, where to increase and decrease and so on.

Now I would like to write down the pattern for this top, but I’m a bit afraid that it’s too much for me. I just finished my first pattern-writing (Holly Berry fingerless gloves, will make a new blog post about it), but the top is more complicated- if I create a pattern, I should do it for different sizes.

At the moment I’m stuck with custom orders and all plans have to wait. I’m knitting some shrugs.