Autumn is my favorite season because of colors and weather.
We just had a long walk on the beach- sun is shining, it’s not very cold and trees are in yellow and orange outfit.

Estonians are lucky, because we really have 4 different seasons: spring with blooming flowers, summer with sun and warmth, autumn with colorful leafs and winter with a lot of snow. Some of my friends from Brazil, Portugal and Spain have asked how our cold (+10C and below that is cold for them, not for us) autumn looks like.
It’s hard to put it into words, so just see the photos I made today.

I’ve been living near the water most of my life and can’t imagine having a home somewhere else. We often find ourselves wrapped up to a blanket, sitting on the beach cafe, drinking tea on the terrace and enjoying the silence and sunset.
When I need to think about something or if I want to be alone, I go and sit on the beach, th best therapy ever!