We had to go to sailing today, but the weather is awful here- windy, dark and rainy. No fun to be outside, especially on the sea…

I used the time- surprise surprise- for knitting. I’ve finished another puff sleeve cardigan, in gray and green shades.
I’ve never been a big fan of effect yarns, so I like this one a bit more than the first. Mix of wool and silk is so soft on the skin.

I remember my childhood, mother always knitted us woolly sweaters for winter, but none of us did like them, because wool was itchy. Modern wool is not itchy at all and I’ve started to wear things made from it again.

About the project now:
Yarn used: Novita Luxus Wind, 80% wool, 20% silk
Color: Green, gray
How much: about 200 grams
Size made: XS

First I didn’t like the mix of gray and green, but more I look it, more I like. Not bad at all.
Oval buttons are more suitable too, they don’t stand out as much as roundish.
Pattern with cables…? Well, it’s fine. Wanted to make it low-key.

I probably knit one for myself too. And Cammie, who’s idea this cardigan was, wants it also.