Photographer Urmas Luik, Original photo location

Kihnu is a small Estonian island situated not far from the place I live. Its population is approximately 500 and there are only 4 villages.

What makes the place so unique is their old culture and traditions kept alive for centuries. It’s a place where women wear folk costumes daily, people often sing folk songs while walking and unique handicraft is highly honored. The main attraction is the island itself, with scenery, people and way of life.

The men of the Kihnu community have taken to sea to hunt seals and fish, while the women have remained on the islands to farm and to maintain the household. Kihnu women thus have become the principal custodians of the cultural traditions embodied in numerous songs, games, dances, wedding ceremonies and handicrafts.

The most visible emblem of Kihnu culture remains the woolen handicrafts worn by the women of the community. Working in their homes using traditional looms and local wool, the women weave and knit mittens, stockings, skirts and blouses, which often feature bright colors, vivid stripes and intricate embroidery. Many of the symbolic forms and colors adorning these striking garments are rooted in ancient legends.

Original photo location

Kihnu island is a part of UNESCO Intangible Heritage Lists.

I believe their handicrafts makes everyone jealous. Not many people can knit like women living in Kihnu. Enjoy the photos and search more from Google if interested!