I didn’t have a camera yesterday, but I so much want to share this photo with you. 
I had an obsession that I have to have some old leather suitcases for keeping my knits in it and transporting them to different craft fairs. 
Besides the practical aspect they just look beautiful and nostalgic. 
However, it wasn’t easy to find one. People who has them, are not so happy about selling or giving them away, unless the suitcase is broken. Or if they do, it costs a lot more than I’m willing to pay. 
A month ago I took my old clothes to charity shop and there they were! Two brown leather suitcases, almost identical, but one is a bit bigger than another. 
I had to pay only $5 for two suitcases. The shopkeeper said they would throw them away a day later, because no one wanted them for 2 years! Can you imagine how happy I was? 
I was looking for suitcases for ages and they just stood in a shop, two houses from my home and waited for 2 years to be found.

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