We made some new photos today, although I faced some major problems.
My Canon doesn’t cooperate with me any more. There’s something wrong with auto focus and most photos were foggy. Fortunately Photoshop makes wonders and saved the day.

This is one of my favorite photos of beret and hand warmers.
It’s a bit sad to sell them, because I kind of fell in love with this set. But sorry, pink is just not my color (In case you wonder, my best friend is modeling for me, this is not me on the photo. She looks good in pink).

They’re made from one of my new favorite yarns, Koigu Mori. Lot of knitters consider having a ball of Koigu as a dream came true and so do I!
This hand painted merino and silk mix is super soft and so cozy next the skin.
It’s interesting to know that despite of Canadian background, Koigu is managed and owned by Estonians. The founder of company, Taiu Landra moved to Canada very very long time ago and now her daughter Taiu is working for yarn brand also. Taiu found me on Facebook and we’ve chatted a bit, they’re very warm and friendly people!

I sewed little fabric flowers to hand warmers on last minute, they looked kind of boring without some details.

If I ever sell the set, I’ll donate half of the items cost to charity. We have big campaign here for buying a new boat to one of our best male rowers, who wish to compete in London Olympics in 2012. In last Olympics he got a silver, next time he’s after gold of course!
I like to support him, because rowing is very close to my hears. Lots of my friends are rowers and I do indoor  rowing twice a week. It’s so happy to support someone who has big dreams and motivation for making them true.