After two days I spent with my sewing machine we kind of understand each other 🙂

Today I made a pair of booties that I’m satisfied with. I added a crocheted flower and small button and it looks more cute, don’t you think?
I already ordered another tutorial from the same seller and can’t wait for making some pairs of Mary Jane booties too. I have two small nieces who would appreciate having a pair like this and sewing is a great alternation for knitting.

But I faced some major problems. For example, I did’t have suitable scissors for cutting fabric. Now I bought them, plus also a washable pen for drawing on the fabric.
And I lost all my needles! After I learned how to do slip stitch, all my needles were missing. So I made a pin cushion.

Now we’re going to visit my grandmother, for celebrating a Mother’s Day. And I have some parcels to ship too.