Raining cloud by atelierpompadour, purple rain journal by Kreativlink, rain drop earrings by vantidesigns, watercolour personalised print by chichiboulie.

After a week of sunshine it’s rainy in Estonia. It’s cold. No, it’s freezing! And that’s why my moodboard looks rainy too.

My laptop is still broken and I can’t blog as much as before, but addresses for European Postcard Swap has been sent and I know that some of you already finished your postcards too! I’m going to make mine in next few days.

I’m preparing for International Hanseatic Days in Pärnu. I haven’t participated in such a big event before and I want everything to be perfect. Ordered item tags from Singapure, thinking how to make paper bags, how much inventory I have and so on. Only one month left!