One of my biggest home-related dreams is having a big closet for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and so on. Something similar to the one on the photo from Closet Tailors website.
In this apartment I don’t have enough space for it. I’d put my vintage suitcases there, and buy a cosy sofa with flower pattern… Plus bright colours, big mirrors, a lot of light. A girl can dream, right?

If it comes to clothing, I try to follow saying “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”. That doesn’t mean I’m a fan of brands, but I better buy less, but stuff with quality and things which last longer than just one season.
Estonian stylist Karolin Kuusik told once in her lecture that the relation between clothing price and usage has to be reasonable. I really like her idea.
For example, if you buy a dress worth $150 for just one elegant event (someone’s wedding, prom, concert, whatever), it’s expensive, because you probably won’t wear it ever again in your life. Would you pay $150 for wearing a dress – eventhough it’s gorgeous – for 3-4 hours? I wouldn’t.
But if you buy a winter coat with same price – $150 – and wear it 4 times a week during the season (at least 4 months in Estonia), it means putting it on 64 times.
Calculate: 150/64 = 2,3. So the cost of wearing this coat once will be $2,3. If you use it next season too, then  halve it and you’ll get $1,15. Not so expensive any more.

I have my favorite Tommy Hilfiger red jacket in my closet, worth $120. I’ve been wearing it countless times for 3 years and it still looks like new, so the investment was totally reasoned.
Now, after first hot days, I bought some T-shirts from mass product shop, each worth $6. After first day one was broken, seam just diverged. Even $6 sounds too much for me for one day only, if I could buy a shirt for $30 (see nicacollection)and wear it in next few summers.
I hope you get my idea.

But most of all I love a bit funky stuff from vintage stores, plus handmade shoes and clothes.
Buying handmade always associate with quality to me, plus knowing that there may be only a few similar items in the world makes it very valuable.
Some days ago I found funky leather shoes from Dawanda, today Star charmed me with her belt.
Butter Cookies makes fantastic hand painted shoes, ThongbaiTatong most beautiful skirts I’ve seen, Jane e Roberti simple, but elegant accessories.
I know no one who have regretted buying handmade.