Do you know the feeling of waiting something for so long and not getting it finally?
Do you know the feeling of being cheated when you least expect it, by the person you trust most?
Do you know the feeling of promising to put yourself first and ending up making compromises and quitting your dreams because of someone else?

I’m sure you do.
I do.

I accept the fact that it’s over, although we really haven’t talked about it. But somewhere deep inside I know it’s the end.

So what a girl doest after facing the fact of break-up?
First she pretends she never cared so much about him anyway.
Then she’s confused and doesn’t understand what went wrong.
And she cries. For a day, or two. Or longer.
Then she runs all her emotions out and does her personal best on running track.

Suddenly life is not so sad any more.
It reminds all the goals she had before starting this forever-lasting circle about waiting, waiting and more waiting.
I want to go back to school and become a better photojournalist.
I want to run a marathon in Rome!
I want to learn another language.
I want my friends back. Those I pushed to second position when he came.
I want to branch out my business.

Yes, there are things I want but can’t do myself, like another child 🙂 But I can wait, I still have time!
Self-irony always helps, right?

Don’t write off me yet!
And thanks to all friends who were with me in last few days, emotionally and physically.
After this post whining is officially ended, I have better things to do 🙂

Note: I’m not used to be so personal on a public site. But maybe it helps to understand my feelings, plus I don’t anything to hide either.