I had a small wakeboarding accident two days ago.
Everything went well until I didn’t see another speedboat and its wave coming. I was stuck between two waves and just fall down to water straight to my neck. Luckily I had the crash helmet on, otherwise I wouldn’t be here at the moment.
I hurt my head and chest, had hard to breathe and headache kept me in bed. I still can’t move my neck and I must stay home for few more days, but in general I’m getting better.
Plus I twisted my left ankle, which means I may have to skip this autumn’s running season… First competition is in 3 weeks and if it won’t get better by then, I’m not able to participate.

Everybody ask if I quit wakeboarding now. Even the doctor tried to convince me it’s dangerous. Yes, I know it is, but I’m careful, accidents can happen everywhere and this time was just bad coincidence.
No, I’m not going to quit. As soon as I feel fine again, I will be back on wakeboard. Hopefully it happens before the summer season ends. We have only 3 months of good water sports weather here and in September it’s usually too cold for going on the water.
Until then I spend time in gym, because my hands need more strength for trying different tricks on board. Wakeboarding is physically very exhausting, only 10 minutes can make you feel like dead next day.

But until I must stay home, I plan to start knitting again. Hopefully I can make a short trip to yarn shop and post office today, tomorrow morning I have another appointment with my doctor.

UPDATE on August 19th: 
I visited doctor today and I’m fine! Will rest until the end of the week, but on Monday I’m allowed to go back to work.
Neck is still painful to move and headache comes and goes, but it’s not a big problem.
Thank you for being with me!

I want to show you one more photo. The quality is not very good, but it’s the beginning of last night’s thunderstorm in Pärnu.
We’ve had more thunderstorms than usually this season, it’s normal to see rain and lightning almost every day. It’s because of unwontedly hot summer.