I had a birthday on Sunday. One of the greatest gifts I got was an ice cream machine and I’ve been playing and experimenting with this for four days now.

I’ve tried classical chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream with canned milk (our favorite, even my partner, who doesn’t eat sweets, liked this one), sour cream and strawberries ice cream and yesterday I made banana-kiwi ice cream.

Today I probably try to make it with peppermint and chocolate.

It is more expensive than buying ready-made ice cream, but the taste is so much better than it’s worth trying.

Coffee ice cream with canned milk

400 g canned milk with sugar
3dl strong coffee ( I didn’t make it very strong, just the regular one we drink in the morning)
2dl 10% cream

Mix canned milk, coffee and cream, put to the fridge for an hour. Freeze it in the ice cream machine and eat!

If you don’t have the machine, put the blend into the freezer and mix it several times with teaspoon until the ice cream is frozen.