Hi my friends! This post is written for asking your help.

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know my super cute 2-year-old niece Kaisu. Kaisu had leukemia diagnosed right after last Christmas and although we weren’t sure if she’ll beat it, the medical treatment is going as planned at the moment. Kaisu has her hair growing again and she recently started talking J I don’t mean saying a few words, I mean talking without stopping, which is so cool, although I can’t understand everything she’s trying to say.

Anyway, I always knew that this situation is not financially easy for my brother’s family, but until yesterday I didn’t know how bad things are.

My brother is only one in the family who is working, because her wife has to stay with Kaisu all the time. They get some kind of social support, but it’s not enough for covering all the costs. They manage to pay all the bills from his salary, but it’s basically all, there’s nothing left.

Driving to and back from the hospital every week (120km from home) takes petrol, Kaisu needs special creams for her sensitive skin, more diapers than average kid (because of side effects of chemotherapy, like diarrhea), plus two bigger children go to school (one to first grade) and they still don’t have all necessary things for that.

I promised to take care of the diapers today, but at the moment is the only thing I can afford.

So, I made a special sale section to my Etsy shop, for raising funds and helping them, and I appreciate so much if you can spread the word about it, so maybe someone will find something she likes.

I’m so thankful to all my friends, who already did it on Facebook and Twitter – Kathryn, Taiu, Andrea, Jeanette and many others!

Here’s the link to my Super Sale: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Woolmint?section_id=7166049 

With a hope to get even something before September 1st, so kids can go to school with everything they need….