Tomorrow I our moving day. At least I hope it is. First it had to be in the beginning of October. Then in the end of October. Last week. A week before that. This week. And now it’s tomorrow, Sunday.

Out new home is rented, but I so wait to get there, because I’m tired of lack of space. At the moment we have one bedroom apartment and 3 of us are living there. In new place we have one extra bedroom and Oliver finally, at the age of six, gets his own private room.

It is a small house with only 3 apartments, only a few hundred meters from the place where we currently live. City center is just around the corner. We can see the river from the windows. Too bad that none of us like fishing, because if we did, it only takes some steps from the garden to go and hunt for fresh codfish.

What I really like is the private garden with children’s playground. Oliver will go to school next autumn (children go to school at the age of 7 here) and he’s not used to be or play alone, because in a big apartment building I can’t send him outside alone. But in less than a year he has to do a lot of things by himself: go to school, come back, study. Until I arrive from work.

So maybe now when I can send him outside alone, but securely, he will grow a bit more independent.

Most of our stuff is already backed, I don’t have big things to take with me: our own furniture stays where it is now, because my mother is going to live in our apartment. So basically only clothes and some personal things.