Lilu by me

I’m happy to announce that Koigu magazine number 3, where you will also find one of my designs (on the photo), is published now!

You can’t imagine how happy I am! A big work was done, and I like the result, but for me it was first time to design something so big and ambitions. It wasn’t easy at all, so I’m very thankful to Maie and Taiu from Koigu who helped me with pattern writing and everything else.

I haven’t got the magazine myself yet, but receiving the published photo was motivating enough for starting new projects. My Koigu lace mittens and Koigu cable dress will hopefully published in next issues of the magazine, plus I got an offer from a local craft magazine to work for them, too! It’s something I always dreamed of, but never expected to happen.

I’m currently officially unemployed, so I have plenty of time to knit and work on new ideas. Too bad it doesn’t pay the bills (yet), I have nothing against a life like this 🙂
I also experimented with yarn dyeing, but didn’t have much success. My fist intention was to paint with plants, but there was nothing suitable on our garden, so I took a few bottles of red wine 🙂 The yarn turned out light pink, not something I imagined. But I probably do my second test painting next week, because the trees have cute green buds now and it hopefully works better than the wine.