Today, on 21st May, we have +20C outside. For the first time this spring, I believe.  You may be surprised, but it even in cold Nordic country like Estonia is, it is unusual.
For example, I remember that last year on May 13th  I wore shorts and a T-shirt. This season I haven’t done it yet. So it’s hard to take those stories about climate warming very seriously 🙂

This knit dress with crocheted details is taken from Alberta Ferretti’s spring/summer 2012 collection. Reason why I posted it, is because I’ve been knitting summer dresses for a while now and hopefully this week we can do a photo-shoot, so I can share them with you too.

June 1st should be an international “wear-a-dress” day, so we all have 2 weeks to prepare for the big event. And why not wear a knit dress? At least once this summer.