EDITED on July 12: 
I decided to sell this dress too. This is OOAK knit/crochet dress, which I will never make again and I also don’t plan to write a pattern so other could knit it.
Size: S/M
Material: 100% cotton
Price: 80€ / 98 USD. Will ship internationally
Contact: anniki@woolmint.com

I promised to show one more dress and here it is. Actually it was finished just a few days ago, but the journey to the result was very long.
Green crocheted motifs were first part of something else, which looked like this.
I was never really satisfied with the result, so I decided to unravel it.  But I liked the motifs and they deserved to have a new life.
For knitting I used same unravelled yarn, it took about 200g of Novita Kotiväki, 100% cotton.