Yes, I AM Ravelry addicted!
It’s so fascinating to browse the site and see how many talented people are there in the world.

For example, Connie with her designs. I love absolutely them all!   And it’s such a pleasure to read her blog.

And Tom Clary from Poland, who knits so adorable colourful gloves. I first met her on Etsy and it was so fun to found her on Ravelry, too!

If you search for very feminine look, be sure to visit Jennica’s Ravelry page. It’s sad she doesn’t publish her personal patterns, because I’m sure that everyone wants to knit something like Isabella:

Sometimes it makes me think if it’s still possible to create something unique and never-seen-before, if so many great things are already done. But then someone publishes another best-selling knitting book with fabulous designs and hope is back again.
I’m very new to designing (although I’ve been knitting my personal patterns for years) and I often wonder if there’s a space for me in this so talented world of knitting designers. I WISH there was. Maybe if I start BELIEVING to myself more, there will be?