I’m still not done with new photos. Here’s another one from our last photo shoot.

I’ve knitted several tops like this before, this one is done from Titan Wool Egitto 100% cotton yarn.
What I love about it is so simple pattern that everyone can knit, even if they haven’t done cable knitting before. This is probably next design I’m going to publish on Ravelry.
Good news – a boutique in my home down is interested in selling my dresses. I’m just a bit worried about the price range, because handmade items aren’t very valued here. But I’ll see what they’re going to say about it and who knows, maybe it’s my first opportunity to show my work to local people.

In case if you’re wondering who are the models on my photos – meet the best neighbours in the world! Birgit (the blonde) and Siret (the other one who wear dresses) are always there if needed – no matter if it’s modelling for my knits, making cake to everyone or looking after my son when I’m away. We moved here just 6 months ago and I can’t imagine better place to live.