About a month ago, Kaisu lost her hair at chemotherapy. It’s second time it happened, but she herself feels good at the moment and the little cutie helped me to take some new photos yesterday.

I have a feeling like she has seen all seasons (despite of her young age) of America’s Next Top Model, because she poses like a professional and totally loves being in front of the camera.
No matter what I told her to do, she listened everything and only smiled about it.

Kaisu, her brother and sister spent all day at our place and I think they all liked it. Especially Kaisu, because we have our own garden with children’s playground and trampoline. They live in an apartment and she can’t go outside alone, but here we can safely keep an eye on her from the kitchen window.

The hat is crocheted just a few days ago and I like the result. Actually I’ve done same style before, but in more girly colors like pink and red. But green is cute, too.