We had very stressing weekend. My partner has a birthday and we had to make 3 different parties to host all the guests.
So I went to our country house (on the photo) on Friday morning, because we haven’t been there very often before and it needed cleaning. A LOT of cleaning. Only washing a floor on this tiny room took me more than an hour.
My next plan is to make the place more comfortable. I probably will crochet linen natural white curtains to cover the windows. Some carpets and pictures won’t hurt too, right?

But I love the place, because this small house with 2 floors is situated right next to a lake and the closest neighbor is  kilometers away. So you can walk on the garden naked if you wish, and no one will see you. If I get an internet there, then I can stay for longer and work too, without any need to come to the city for a week or so.

Before I left I crocheted some hats. My cute next door girls are happily modelling for me, aren’t they gorgeous?
Two of the flowers attached to the hat are made of fabric or lace with hot glue gun.