Really, I have no glue… Maybe you can solve the mystery and give me some useful tips?

I’ve always had a white background on my bow tie photos. But not very bright one.
Yesterday when I finished some new ones and took new shots, the result was so much brighter and better. I used a lot of direct sunlight and also my camera’s flash. First it happened accidentally, but I liked it and wanted to re-take all my product photos later.

Problem is… I don’t know any more how to do it. I had sunlight, I still had the flash, but problem is strong shadows on the photos. How do I get rid of them? How I did get rid of them yesterday? No idea, honestly!
I tried to change the angle of the tie, but it didn’t help. I experimented with one more extra light (my bedroom lamp), but this didn’t work either. So please someone tell me, what’s the secret of getting rid of the shadows?