Yesterday we went to Vango farmhouse days. It is like a farmers market, but it lasts all day and there besides the market there are different events – lectures, musicians, exhibitions and so on.
The farmhouse is located about 40km from the city, surrounded by forests and there’s no way to get there by accident.

It was a lot of one, but one thing caught my eye immediately.  I don’t know about other countries, but here are lotteries on the markets very popular. You pay 1€ or 2€, get a lottery ticket with winning number and receive a price.

There was a lottery on Vango farm house too. But it was a bit different. We have very popular cartoon hero Lotte here and every kid loves her. Lotte is a friendly dog girl and she lives in inventor’s village with her family.
Well, for the markets, Lotte, her family and friends (I don’t know who exactly) invented a fun wooden lottery machine:

Kids have to twirl a wheel on the first side of the machine for 15 times and the machine starts to work. Next to the wheel is a small box where the prize appears when you’re done with the twirling. Usually it was a lemonade or a box of chips.
 The prize was nothing special, but all kids loves working with the lottery machine and after they were  done, they get a certificate about finishing Lotte’s machinist course along with the prize.
My son tried it once and it was hard to get him away from the attraction.

Have you seen anything like this before? I haven’t, and I really admire the ingenuity while building something like this.