I´m so happy! I got woolmint.com working again 🙂

All the troubles started when I decided to move again from WordPress.com and create my own website with GoDaddy. With the help of my brother, I figured out how to do it, got the test mode of new site online and hoped to update is as soon as possible, for opening a brand new online store for my products.

The plan wasn´t bad at all, but what I forgot, was the expiration of my domain. I updated a day after it expired, but because of that, we lost all of our information on the servers 😦

For several months I didn´t know how to solve this. Now I finally decided that Woolmint will stay as it were before and no changes will be made. Sadly all the blog posts written after August 2012 are missing. I did add some stories to woolmint.blogspot.com, but I don´t plan to copy them here, so Woolmint has a fresh start 🙂

I will be soon writing about everything that happened in between those dates, but until then, enjoy my latest knitting pattern – MADLI Fair Isle inspired mittens.

Madli Gloves Madli