Yesterday I found those gorgeous hand knit sweaters from Gorsuch website.

Really, I haven´t seen something SOOOOO beautiful for ages! Visit the link, there is even more.
Unfortunately it is not possible to find out who made them, there is only a note that the sweaters are hand knitted in Germany.
The price is also pretty challenging, around $1400-$1600, but I don´t find it much for handmade item, which requires a lot of work, time and skills. Plus handmade items are luxury products anyway, so not everyone has to be able to afford them (this is just my personal opinion).

A few days ago there was a discussion about handmade and prices in one Facebook group, where most people stated that it is not possible to get a fair price for handmade items, because then no one buys them. For me, it is always sad to see if someone sells a pair of hand knit gloves for about $10, which hardly covers the cost.

I am sure that people buy Gorsuch sweaters despite of their price, so be unique and passionate, prefer high quality materials to cheap acrylics, invest into good photography and then a dream of being a full time artisan may not be impossible to accomplish.