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About 8 years ago, when I was pregnant and bored at home, I started crocheting children’s summer hats.
First to my own son, but soon some of my friends and their friends ordered also and it kept me busy during the summer before the childbirth.

Although I now mostly knit, I have been doing crochet hats since then and try to offer something new every summer.
So this year, the hats are decorated with fabric flowers instead of crochet flowers.

It’s very easy to do that – you just need a hot glue gun and some silk ribbon. I cut circles out of felt sheets and glue the ribbon on it, starting from the edge and moving to the center. Add a beautiful button or some beads and it is ready to be added to the hat, headband or hair pin.
Some days ago I finished those:

IMG_20130517_122025And the hats look something like this:

DSC_0003Different baby hats and headbands will be soon available on Pink Helicopter’s shop.