Time really files! My last post was made over 2 months ago! I didn’t know it was that long…
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting! pre-Christmas time is always the busiest for me, and this year I have shipped my knits to all over the world, for people who wished to give them as Christmas gifts. USA and most European countries are quite common destinations, but I shipped my first pair of gloves to India and a mug cozy to Abu Dhabi, how cool is that?

Despite this rush, I took 3 days off and spend them with my family. On Christmas Eve, my mother, brother and sister with their families visited us for our traditional Christmas party. We don’t see very often, but for the past 10 or so years, we have always gathered for the holidays.
I and my partner agreed not to make presents this year, because we really don’t need anything and I have a box full of earrings and jewelry he has given to me previously. Instead of that, we invested this money to a family vacation in Latvia, Jurmala spa hotel. It was just 3 of us and I really enjoyed these days!

Next year it will be so much different. A baby will be joining our family in the beginning of summer 🙂

Those white gloves are knit from pure wool yarn. I still have a few pairs left in my store.