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You all probably know my feelings about Koigu yarns. I love them! Their texture and hand-dyed colors and how they feel next to the skin.

A few days ago I received a surprise bag from Koigu, filled with KPPPM, Kersti, Bulky and new Koigu Lace. And of course a copy of new Koigu magazine 5, where my Romantic Lace Mini Gloves pattern is exclusively published.

I have a lot of experience with KPPPM, most of my Koigu designs are done from this yarn. Kersti is also familiar to me and I even have a pattern published where I used Koigu Bulky, which is also pretty new product from last year.

But Koigu Lace is something I haven’t personally seen or used before. Like all other Koigu yarns, Lace is also hand-painted, which means that each hank is a unique work of art. It is a 2ply merino yarn with 267 meters on 50g skein.

I don’t know about you, but receiving a bunch of new yarns is always a huge inspiration to me. I already started a new fingerless gloves design from KPPPM. I have a sweater design finished which I plan to adjust for Koigu yarns too. And I have something special in my mind for Koigu Lace. I really hope that you will see some of those designs in upcoming Koigu magazines.