IMG_4753xsIt’s not happening every day that I can share a photo of more than a one finished baby blanket,  but this time I do have three freshly finished and photographed afghans to share.

I’ve previously written how I feel about the classic granny squares – the pattern itself is pretty easy even for beginners, but it is the color combination that fascinates me. You can use this one simple pattern over and over again in different colors and the result is always unique.

I usually make them when I need a “non-thinking” project. Pattern designing & writing can be exhausting sometimes, because of all the calculations you have to make. So it’s sometimes kind of relief to take the granny squares and just crochet without thinking of the result, while watching TV.

The one in the center was crocheted from DROPS Alpaca and it has been already sold. The yarn used for pink blanket is Rowan Pure Wool DK along with DROPS Karisma, and the blue one is done from DROPS Baby Merino.







All my photos are again taken by Laura Toomesoo