If you are a knitter, you must know world famous Haapsalu shawls. You probably know at least one word in Estonian – Nupp (knitting Nupps, as making a bobble using a traditional Haapsalu technique).


Haapsalu Lace Center was opened not long ago – I believe it was in February. I visited them in the beginning of March for first time and have been there several times since then. I just arrived from my last visit.
It is located in the old part of Haapsalu, in a spacious house with large windows, and I love that the place is constantly changing – they have new exhibitions every month and even if you have visited them just a few weeks ago, there is probably something new to see if you stop by next time.
Local knitters frequently gather in the lace center and if you’re lucky, you can learn from real Haapsalu Shawl masters their specific historical techniques – just ask!
If you happen to visit Estonia, be sure to make at least a day trip to Haapsalu, because lace center is really worth a visit if you love knitting. The center hosts a small boutique with lace items, exhibitions, museum and regular events and workshops.



Lace dresses knitted by very talented Haapsalu knitter Marge Heeringas.

20140710_120235Authentic Haapsalu shawls, knit by real Haapsalu shawl masters, are always packed to this nice custom box.

20140710_120258Lace jewelry by Siiri Reimann, the author of “Haapsalu Shawl” books.

20140710_123810Lace painting by Aide Leit-Lepmets. The dress is knitted!


Lace yarn by Rees. You can buy it from Etsy.