You may have noticed that our blog menu has a tab named “Woolmint store”. That’s correct, we opened a craft supply store in my hometown Pärnu on May 1st. We sell premium quality yarns such as Atelier Zitron, The Natural Dye Studio, Lang Yarns, Malabrigo and Laxtons along with high class knitting needles from Knit Pro / Knitter’s Pride. We also have a selection of scrapbooking and jewelry making supplies available.

You can find a selection of top quality Estonian handicraft and design, not only made by Estonians, but also designed in Estonia. Of course all Woomint designs are nicely displayed and available for buying.

To be honest, in the beginning oh this year, I had no plan to open a store. I had dreamed about it, but while being pregnant with my second son, my top priority was (and still is) my family. But then came a friend of mine, who is making & selling different paper products and jewelry supplies, worried that she has no free space at home because of all the work stuff and a plan to rent working rooms for both of us was born.
We found a lovely property in the center of Pärnu, which is perfect for us – both Angela and I have a separate office room, plus we have this big spacious studio for the store.



From the first moment I was sure that if we do it, it has to be different and unique. We already have plenty of similar looking craft stores, we needed a place where we and our customers feel inspired. A place where we want to come and work, something worth waking up and taking walk to the city center every morning.
So it’s not really a typical store. It is an open studio where we daily work and kindly host our guests. Here you can comfortably sit on the sofa, have a cup of coffee (we don’t sell coffee, but we have some takeaways in our neighborhood, you’re welcome to bring your own) and browse craft books both in Estonian and English. Or sit and just knit, if you need a moment for yourself. Our experienced knitters know answers to most of your knitting and yarn related questions and we can offer designing advice if needed.

We play yarn lottery here and soon start offering yarn buffet for those who want to exchange their skein ends for new yarns. We have a box of homeless yarns, a place where you can find single skeins from the brands we don’t sell daily:


If you do not live in Estonia, then of course you should visit end experience all the endless emotions the country has to offer, but if it’s not possible, then don’t worry – we will open an international online store in autumn – hopefully before October – which will be at least as cool as our local yarn store. It will be colorful, easy to browse, fun and educational at the same time. So if you open website later this year, you will see totally different site than at the moment. But the blog won’t go anywhere, we continue writing 🙂