Have you ever promised not to start another knitting project unless you have finished old ones? I’m sure you have, so you know the feeling of touching brand new skeins in a yarn store, dreaming of what to knit and leaving without buying anything, because you have a box filled with UFO’s – unfinished objects.
Well, I currently knit at least 3 dresses and 2 pairs of gloves at once, so I try hard not to pick up any new yarns from our store. And I did rather well, until yesterday, when a new order from Atelier Zitron arrived. Along with other precious yarns like Fil Royal and Filisilk, there was a decent amount of Finest Royal Alpaca and since unpacking very first skein of this yarn, I was immediately addicted – I had to try it, no matter what.
What promises about UFOs? Can’t remember 🙂

A minute later I knew what I was going to knit. Audrey cardigan of course! This is one of my favorite cardigan patterns (I wonder why it has so less projects on Ravelry?) and I have already done it from natural Bluefaced Leicester wool.
First skein took only a few hours to knit:

20140802_141649 I changed the pattern a bit, because I don’t like to knit pattern in back rows and I replaced bobbles with classical Nupps – a traditional Haapsalu lace knitting technique.
So what can I say – Finest Royal Alpaca is a luxurious premium quality alpaca yarn which can be worn next to the skin because of it’s softness. Perfect for something special, so be sure to carefully choose your knitting project – you don’t want to waste any.
This was also first time when I used Knit Pro Cubics IC needles. First it was a bit odd to knit with them, but now, in the beginning of second skein, I start loving them – Cubics are smooth and not as slippery as their most popular Symfonie needles.

Pattern inspiration for Finest Royal Alpaca:


Fold and Turn cardigan by Suvi Simola
Frost on Leaves hat by Midori Hirose
Laren Mitts by Adriana Hernandez