Atelier Zitron yarns, now available for ordering from!


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I discovered Atelier Zitron yarns last year and I was immediately sure I want to use them in my upcoming knitting projects. Atelier Zitron is a Germany – based yarn company which produce and cell premium quality yarns in a diverse selection: they have some gorgeous mixes of merino and silk for lace knitting and excellent sock yarns, not to mention classical yarns for sweater knitting and winter accessories.

Their dyeing is carried out in accordance with Oeko Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1, which means that all yarns are ecologically safe for babies and toddlers up to 3 years. And if something is safe for babies, then it’s probably good for everyone.

Their most popular yarns are Filigran, Unisono, Filisilk and Trekking sock yarns.

Unisono is 100% merino extra fine yarn, infused with aloe vera and jojoba oil softens hands while you knit.

Zitron Unisono

On the photo: Grafeful cowl made of Unisono yarn 

Filisilk yarn is a truly luscious single-ply wool and silk blend. It is a lace-weight yarn with a hint of sheen and plenty of softness to spare.






On the photo: Renaissance shawl made of Filisilk

Filigran is a superwash yarn perfect for lace.



















On the photo: Palessie cowl made of Filigran 

And if you’re looking for something more classical, try Ecco – soft, worsted weight, plied yarn made of 100% merino wool. Can me used for almost everything.


On the photo: Waves hat made from Ecco yarn. 

All Zitron yarns can be fond on their website.


I’m going to make my first Atelier Zitron order in the end of January and you’re welcome to join me! Yarns are offered at very competitive prices and I can guarantee the lowest possible price on the market.
Your orders are welcome until January 19th, payment can be done by Paypal, Estonians can use a bank transfer.
Estonians are welcome to join our yarn group in Facebook for more information.
All others who are interested, please contact me by e-mail for detailed ordering information and price list.


Happy new year!

My dear friends,

Here in Estonia, a new year will arrive in roughly 10 hours. Those living in New Zealand already had their class of champagne about half an hour ago, and soon Australians will celebrate too. While Europe is making preparations for evening parties, USA and Canada are still sleeping or just waking up.

2013 has been very challenging year for me.
Our family have never traveled so much in 12 months: Laos, Cambodia, China, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong… We spent roughly 2,5 months abroad.
I have expanded my business – first knitting kits for Romantic Lace Gloves are done, many more kits are soon coming and I have never published as much patterns as this year.
I really felt that much has been done, but even more ideas are still waiting their right time. Hopefully this time comes in 2014 🙂

I’m very happy that I have an opportunity to share my works with you and read about your creative journey. I wish you a happy, pleasant and inspirational new year! See you soon 🙂


Holiday rush


Time really files! My last post was made over 2 months ago! I didn’t know it was that long…
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting! pre-Christmas time is always the busiest for me, and this year I have shipped my knits to all over the world, for people who wished to give them as Christmas gifts. USA and most European countries are quite common destinations, but I shipped my first pair of gloves to India and a mug cozy to Abu Dhabi, how cool is that?

Despite this rush, I took 3 days off and spend them with my family. On Christmas Eve, my mother, brother and sister with their families visited us for our traditional Christmas party. We don’t see very often, but for the past 10 or so years, we have always gathered for the holidays.
I and my partner agreed not to make presents this year, because we really don’t need anything and I have a box full of earrings and jewelry he has given to me previously. Instead of that, we invested this money to a family vacation in Latvia, Jurmala spa hotel. It was just 3 of us and I really enjoyed these days!

Next year it will be so much different. A baby will be joining our family in the beginning of summer 🙂

Those white gloves are knit from pure wool yarn. I still have a few pairs left in my store.


Koigu Bulky Pom-Pom Hat and Fingerless gloves


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I finished this set of pom-pom hat and fingerless gloves in spring, but somehow didn’t find time for pattern writing until now. As you may know, I’m kind of a last minute person and do things when the deadline is around the corner. Now, when we leave for Australia next week, I feel it’s time to finish some projects from my long to-do list.

This was my first time to knit Bulky yarn. It’s hard to explain it, but when knitting aran or bulky yarn, I feel like I’m cheating – it’s so much easier and quicker than with 4ply or DK weight yarn.
But then I received this gorgeous Bulky from Koigu and of course had to try it out. I love Koigu colors and always feel that they don’t need a fancy pattern to stand out, so I just added a simple Fair Isle inspired motif in different color to make it perfect.

You need 3 skeins of Bulky for this set and it is an easy, one evening knitting project. The pattern is published on Ravelry and I can’t wait to see your projects!

Photos, again, are taken by Laura Toomesoo, my beautiful model was Ave this time. Big thanks to both of them!


Standing together


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Coffee mug cozies

They are so similar, yet so different. Yes, the pattern is same. But colors… The one with grey and blue is neutral and mind, fuchsia and pink is outstanding and maybe even a bit irritating for those, who are not “pink” people.

But in my opinion, they make a perfect match for a boy and girl who are in love and enjoy a cup of coffee together in the mornings.

Please enjoy those gorgeous photos made by Laura Toomesoo.

Ready made mug cozies are available in my store.

Coffee mug cozies Coffee mug cozies Coffee mug cozies Coffee mug cozies

What color is autumn? Blue, grey and brown!


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Those half finger gloves are my favorite for this fall/winter season. I have been wearing my pair of blue gloves for a while now and I absolutely love how they feel like a second skin.
I decided to offer them in 4 different colors this year. Last year I had only white, now I have added blue, grey and brown. All available at my Etsy store.

Yarn used is DROPS Design Baby Merino, which is a soft 100% merino wool, but I must say that different colors have very different quality: for example, grey yarn is much thinner than blue.

A lot of people have asked about the pattern, but I’m sorry to say that it is a personal one and we don’t have a plan to publish it, at least now. The technique used is a bit complex even for experienced knitters, and writing it down is also challenging. So for now I can offer only ready made fingerless gloves.


Diamondberry hat in Archangel and Niebla

Although I love all Malabrigo Rios colorways, Archangel is probably my favorite. It is just so perfect for fall / winter season with it’s colors: beautiful shades of purple, red and orange mixed together.

I like how this hat design turned out. It is inspired by traditional Estonian Haapsalu Shawl patterns, just a bit modified and adjusted for a beanie.
Diamondberry pattern is published on Ravelry.
Finished hats can be bought on Etsy.


Photo collages


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I love how those collages turned out! Both are made with, all photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Advanced and later edited in

Soon my problem with taking photos should be over, because my long waited birthday present, Canon EOS 60D, should arrive 🙂 Can’t imagine how excited I am!

Hats, hair clips and headbands can be bought at Käsitöö ait shop in Pärnu, Ringi street. I will also attend Telliskivi Kirbufestival on August 24th in Tallinn. Come and say hello if you happen to be around!

Fotor0807142711 Fotor08071440531

Experimenting with mug cozies


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We all love granny squares, don’t we?


I have made several blankets before, but granny squares are also perfect for mug cozies. It’s not the pattern which makes granny squares so irresistible, but the color combination you choose.
They are very easy to make – just take any basic granny square patterns, crochet 3 squares (this should be enough for an average mug), crochet them together and add two buttons to one edge (to the corners).

The one on the left is crocheted from SMC Alpaka, grey and blue on the right is DROPS Baby Merino.

More mug cozy photos I have made previously: DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0012 (3)DSC_0029